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Welcome to my blog. You’ll find a lot of posts about selfhosting with Docker and various reverse proxies from the container universe. Besides, there are also articles about fixes from the everyday life of a computer scientist.

Docker error response from daemon: AppArmor

Debian users running the latest Docker version 23 currently receive the following error when starting a container: Error response from daemon: AppArmor enabled on system but the docker-default profile could not be loaded How to fix AppArmor Docker error You may also get the full error message: Error response from daemon: AppArmor enabled on system but the docker-default profile could not be loaded: running `apparmor_parser apparmor_parser --version` failed with output: error: exec: "apparmor_parser": executable file not found in $PATH Error: failed to start containers: container-name To fix this AppArmor Error on Debian 11 all you need to do is installing the AppArmor package....

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ownCloud Infinite Scale on a VPS with Hetzner Storage Box and S3

Hetzner offers a lot of storage space for very little money with its storage boxes. In this guide I want to show you how to run oCIS (ownCloud Infinite Scale) on your own VM and store the data on a Hetzner Storage Box with S3. Requirements For this guide I use a Hetzner Cloudserver CPX11 (2 Cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD) and a Hetzner Storage Box BX11 (1TB). Of course, you can also use this tutorial with another provider and another server....

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Systemd timer as a cron replacement

Instead of using a cronjob placed in our crontab, we can make use of a systemd timer on a modern linux system which is running systemd. For a systemd timer to work, it needs two parts. One part consists of a .timer file, and a .service file. The .timer file specifies when our service should be started. Just like a cronjob we can specify here on which days, in which week or at which time our service should be started....

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How to back up MariaDB databases running in a container

Backups are sometimes not quite present in our everyday life, but if we suddenly face a problem there is nothing but a backup that can save us. In the past, I have mounted the data from MariaDB (or MySQL) containers using Docker on a specific Docker volume and backed it up daily. Depending on the database engine, this data may or may not be consistent. For an installation that has a very large database workload, such backups are almost never consistent and are therefore not an optimal solution....

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Telegram Notification on successful SSH Login

With the following script we monitor the SSH login on a server and send a notification via Telegram API. This way you will get a notification in real time when someone logs in to your server via SSH. For me this is a valuable security feature. Telegram Notification on successful SSH Login telegram-send Python Script First, we create the following Python script, which is used to send messages to Telegram鈥檚 API....

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